Can we visit anytime?
Once you have signed the contract and have a “fob” for the security barrier, there are no restrictions limiting when you can visit.

Is insurance available?
Elmsett Storshops does not provide contents insurance. However, it is often possible to arrange insurance on your own household or commercial policy which may cover your items whilst in storage. It may be prudent to check with your insurance provider first. Alternatively, insurance is available with Insurastore.

Is there a minimum contract period?
Our service is provided on a monthly basis. You can therefore, pay for one month and use the facility for one month. For anything longer, we request payment for the initial month in advance and then ask you to set up a standing order for subsequent monthly payments.

Do you collect and deliver items, or provide a van for hire?
No we don’t offer this service, it is all self-storage.

Do you store caravans, motor homes, boats and trailers?
Yes we do have some limited space for these.

Is my security barrier “fob” free?
No. We charge £50 for each remote, which also includes a security payment. On termination of your contract with us, ensuring both the remote and the unit are returned to us in good condition, £45 will be refunded. Over long periods and with constant use the battery within the remote could fail to operate the barrier. Under normal circumstances, purchase of a replacement battery is the responsibility of the contract signatory.

How do I pay?
We prefer the first month instalment by either cash or cheque. Subsequent payments should be made by standing order.

Will I need a padlock?
For many of our units a key is provided. However, there are some that would require the purchase of a padlock.

Do I need to give notice when I leave?
We prefer 2-4 weeks notice.

Do you provide packing boxes?
Unfortunately we don’t.

Are the units dry?
Yes they are.

If I have a workshop is the electricity included in the monthly rent?
No, electricity is not included. All of our units that provide an electric socket, have an electricity meter installed. We then charge for the electricity used.

Is your facility free of vermin?
Yes, we maintain a high level of vigilance and pest control. We would also recommend that the units are not used for storing perishable items such as food.

Do you allow the storage of paints and other petroleum based materials?
No. To minimize the risk of fire we do not allow the storing of paint, petrol, diesel, paraffin, white spirit, calor gas, oils, or any other accelerant or explosive.