Security – Security at Elmsett Storshops is very important to us so, in addition to CCTV which operates 24 hours a day, we only allow access onto our site through a security barrier. This barrier can only be operated with a secure remote “fob”, which is rented at a nominal fee to each customer allowing access.

Access – Elmsett Storshops allows access 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. We have a car park for visitors, but there is temporary parking all around the site. All units have extremely good access, either outside or adjacent, ensuring loading and unloading is as easy as possible.

Electricity- Electricity is provided in every unit. As the premises operates on a 24 hour basis, we provide ambient lighting to ensure safe and secure operations.

Hygiene- Elmsett Storshops has toilet facilities on the site, which are checked and cleaned twice daily.